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The supply of dog nameplate marking machine manual braille machine nameplate Braille Printer manufacturers selling professional custom

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The supply of dog nameplate marking machine manual braille machine nameplate Braille Printer manufacturers selling professional custom

First, product introduction

Nameplate Braille code printer (printer) machine is the necessary equipment (signs) metal nameplate production processing. Function is in blank metal machine nameplate signs on the surface extruding the word mark the recognition and uniqueness.

Our company produced the BMK-A03 brand manual marking machine structure is reliable, accurate positioning, small size, beautiful appearance, flexible editing, easy to operate.

Widely used in automobile general machinery, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industries (machine signs nameplate production).


Two, the main technical parameters

Application: sheet metal workpiece within the machine signs / machines 120*100mm.

Requirements: aluminum thickness less than 1mm, less than 0.5mm stainless steel and tinplate.

1 character selection: Daisy character turntable

2 with a total of 41 words

Capital letters (26): A-Z

Lower case Arabia number (10): 0-9

The symbol (5): X&.-/

3: according to the interval of kerning character size determination

4 operation mode: Manual

5 convex rows: according to the requirements of the nameplate

6. A pointer and a sample card

7 volume (LXDXH) 460*385*186 (mm)

8 machine net weight: 18KG

Four, machine application

A, ready to work:

1 insert the handle into the shaft hole on the right side of the machine and screw on the fastening screws.

The 2 card box pulled to the outside, according to the need in need of typing card card in the frame.

3 the card will be stamped into the card slot in the front of the card box, and gently push forward, the card will be placed in the card slot in the front of the card slot.

B, select the word positioning code:

The 1 rotating case selection code, which will need to imprint needle character character position indicator.

2 printing plate can be directly under the position gently push and pull the card box selected.

The cards. The position of the selection, move to the right can be directly nudge card box and move to the left can be gently press the handle, then reset, card frame not only can move one grid left, the appeal can be the positioning card in the stamping position.

4. Card imprint is from the left to the right, after each embossed on a character, will automatically move to the left of a grid, such as the need to space by 3.

5. The pressed characters: according to the first few characters of the operation method will indicate the need to imprint the character transferred to the indicating needle, the control handle pressure.

6 if the character or deep or shallow, does not meet the requirements, can adjust the machine through the adjustment of the machine at the bottom of the adjustment screw adjustment.


Five, note

1. When your code, please be sure to pay attention to the indicator light to indicate the position when the position indicator not in effective area code, is strictly prohibited by pressing the handle or code, so as not to damage the matrix.

2 selection of rotation encoder, it is strictly prohibited to handle pressure, so as not to damage the machine.

. change gear, please pay attention to the location, midway need to be replaced, please with his left hand gently to block the card box, in order to avoid the transposition of the neutral card box, lest in transposition neutral card box automatic shift.

4 no hand or other foreign body into the machine, when the machine without the workpiece, it is forbidden to play.

5 don't use the machine, please send the card box to the left.

Chongqing ZiXu Machine Works

  • Phone: +86 136-08399394
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Location: Brazil
  • Main Products: marking machine
  • Total Employees:Less than 100 people
  • Year Established:2006
  • Export Markets:Domestic Market,North America,South America,Asia,Europe,Africa,Oceania
  • Total Annual Revenue:


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