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The new solid straight men's leisure jeans

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From China
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US $27.69 (not including shipping cost)


  • Material: Cotton

  • Pattern: Solid


  • Of the Cotton Jeans Style is classic and will never go out of time

  • Slim Jeans This is feature with soft material so it can provide you with superior cozy feeling

  • Lining is the highlight Soft of this Cotton Jeans making, the jeans more comfortable

  • Jeans are Sweat-absorbent so, it is comfortable Our for you to wear

  • Is durable to wear It and easy to wash

  • Design of this The pair of Cotton Jeans can show your fine figure and slim legs

In Detail: Size

ClothTypeSizeWaistHipDepth CrotchLength ClothesColor
/2871Twenty-seven point six nineEighty-seven point fiveThirty-four point one threeN/AN/A102Thirty-nine point seven eightN/A
/29Seventy-three point fiveTwenty-eight point six seven90Thirty-five point one zeroN/AN/A103Forty point one sevenN/A
/3076Twenty-nine point six fourNinety-two point fiveThirty-six point zero eightN/AN/A103Forty point one sevenN/A
/31Seventy-eight point fiveThirty point six two95Thirty-seven Point Zero FiveN/AN/A104Forty point five sixN/A
/3281Thirty-one point five nineNinety-seven point fiveThirty-eight point zero threeN/AN/A104Forty point five sixN/A
/33Eighty-three point fiveThirty-two point five seven100Thirty-nineN/AN/A105Forty point nine fiveN/A
/3486Thirty-three point five fourOne hundred and two point fiveThirty-nine point nine eightN/AN/A105Forty point nine fiveN/A


  • Size refers to the followed measurement image Measured

  • Of measuring by hands errors must have been existed controlled 1 to 5 CM from Because.

  • Dimensions are for These reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

To Measure: How


Included: Package

  • 1 Pair X of Men&#39 s; Jeans

To Wash: How

Is a durable Cotton, fiber soft, most clothes and today are made of it. Cotton is a natural vegetable fiber knitted and woven into fabrics of many textures and weights. while cotton shirts, pants and suits are wardrobe staples for both men and women. Whether your cotton fabrics are voile, as, or Batiste linen, you can wash them at home and keep these breathable materials clean and pristine.

& bull; L .Pretreat any stains with detergent and cold water. Place one to two teaspoons of liquid detergent on the stains before you load the clothes in the washing machine. Put your cotton fabrics in a small basin filled with cold water. After soaking the fabric for 15 to 30 minutes, gently rub the stain with a short-bristled brush. roll your shirts and pants or blouses in a large towel to remove the water

& bull; L Washes Machine white and light-colored cotton fabrics in warm or hot water. If you are concerned with shrinking or bleeding fill the machine with cold water and use a gentle washing cycle

& bull; L Your cotton fabrics on Rinse a cool cycle. Use minimal agitation to avoid shrinkage

& bull; L Garments after removal from Shake the machine to remove wrinkles

& bull; L Dry cotton fabrics at a low or regular dryer. Dry towels and underwear on a hot setting. To prevent shrinking, remove cotton fabrics from the dryer while still damp. hang to dry in a cool and well-ventilated area

Hand-wash lightweight fabrics, such as Batiste, as and voile in a small basin filled with lukewarm water and one tablespoon of liquid detergent. hang to dry or press damp with a hot iron to remove wrinkles


  • Phone: +86 852-64571239
  • Business Type:
  • Location: China
  • Main Products: shirts ,jeans ,hoodies
  • Total Employees:
  • Year Established:
  • Export Markets:Domestic Market,North America,South America,Asia,Europe,Africa,Oceania
  • Total Annual Revenue: