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Senpu SPYJ - 1863 type high poly carboxylic acid is slumping water reducing agent

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From China
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Performance characteristics:

1. Excellent bartender collapse performance: basic within 60 min slump loss, high temperature environment, easy to transport to the scene of the casting.

2. The enhancement effect is remarkable, high water reducing rate, increased the strength of concrete in various age.

3. Good retarding effect: increased liquidity, improve the working performance, effectively improve the anti-cracking waterproof performance.

4. Good permeability resistance: good compactness, low porosity.

5. Better job performance, significantly improve the workability of fresh concrete, secrete water and water retention performance.

6. The surface is bright and clean, the mixing of concrete with this product, with strong adhesiveness, less air content and low exudation rate, etc, can effectively improve overhead, highways, Bridges and other kinds of concrete surface roughness and aesthetic.

Method of use:

When using this product for water reducing agent distribution, although compared with common naphthalene series water reducing agent, has good compatibility, also should be the compatibility of cement inspection. Individual cement likely water reducing rate is low, the phenomenon such as a big slump loss, suggested by properly increasing the dosage, compound with other components of retarded or after mixing method. Mixed after using this product, the air content of concrete increases slightly (1.0%), to improve the workability and durability of concrete.

Scope of application:

This product is suitable for all kinds of pumping concrete, mass concrete, elevated, highways, Bridges, such as hydraulic concrete engineering construction; Hot climate conditions, the construction of mass concrete, the self-compacting concrete, high strength concrete, etc.; Need to long distance transportation of commodity concrete, liquidity concrete, pumping concrete, etc.

Key points:

1. The change of varieties or new cement, cement cement compatibility test should be done.

2. Must be correct measurement test mixture ratio, and concrete should be in strict accordance with the construction specification operation.

3. For the retarded concrete, should according to the concrete test with test setting time in advance.

4. With conventional concrete engineering, must strengthen maintenance by construction standard.

5. The winter construction of concrete, besides the effect of admixture, at the same time must be covered with straw bag, plastic film freeze protection measures, such as strengthen maintenance according to the construction standard.  

AnHui SenPu new material development Co., Ltd.

  • Phone: +86 0564-5223196
  • Business Type:
  • Location: China
  • Main Products: Concrete high efficiency water reducing agent, new type wall material, large span prestressed concrete house panel, municipal engineering water permeable brick
  • Total Employees:Less than 100 people
  • Year Established:2007
  • Export Markets:Domestic Market
  • Total Annual Revenue:


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