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Plastic machinery, metal nameplate pneumatic marking machine for metal nameplate pneumatic marking machine nameplate pneumatic marking machine

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From China
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US $2,000.00 (not including shipping cost)

The to print the marking content (both in English and Chinese characters, graphics, and digital) input to the computer, computer marking software convert the content as a digital control signal, transmitted to the controller, drive printing to the workpiece hit consists of a continuous lattice of characters and graphics, printing needle in the x-y-z two-dimensional or three-dimensional plane or three-dimensional according to the motion trajectory set, also print needle in the compressed air under the effect of high frequency shock motion, thus in the workpiece printing on a surface of a composed of close packed lattice concave mark. Application range: all kinds of metals and non metals under the HRC60. Mainly used in automobile, motorcycle vehicle (hit frame number and engine number), auto parts, motorcycle accessories, car and motorcycle to change number, machinery products, gear, mold marking, label printing, mechanical equipment, plastic products, hardware tools, stainless steel, electronic devices, etc..
Main features and advantages: the price is moderate, the customer is easy to accept. Font specification, graphics, print depth, the depression does not wear, print speed.
The main shortcomings: the printing when there is noise, the surface has a burr, will damage the surface of the product material, to be subject to material hardness limits

Application range

Industrial pneumatic marking machine is mainly used in machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, aviation, electronics, instruments, meters and other fields, the parts of all kinds of metal, hard plastic products of logo and product nameplate printing (such as instrument, instrument and mechanical equipment nameplate).

Main technical performance and parameters

1, the main technical performance

(1)Print content: Chinese and English characters, Arabia number, special characters, trademarks, logos, etc..

(2)For VIN, serial number, time, string, barcode scanning and printing.

(3)Bar code can be exported to the bar code printer.

(Four)Print content to enter the database system to manage data (such as: data query, report printing, data statistics, etc.)

(5)Can not be greater than the hardness of the HRC50 to print a variety of materials.

(6)The machine can be used for flexible installation and matching with appropriate fixtures to suit different production site and automatic production line.

(7)AUTOCAD format file

2, to technical parameters

(1)Print depth: 0.01-FourMm (depending on the material)

(2)Print speed: 60 - 200mm/S

(3)Positioning accuracy: 0.01mm

(Four)Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.01mm

(5)Print range:

Plane:,80XFour0mm, 130X30mm, 1Four0X80mm

Circumference: 10 - Phi Phi 120mm

    (6) power supply: AC220V 10%, 50HZ

 (7) compressed air: 0.Four - 0.6mPa

 (8) gas consumption: 2L/S

 (9) temperature: 0 - Four0

 (10) power consumption: Four00W

 (11) relative humidity: less than 90%

 (12) the weight of the machine:56Kg(desktop), 20Kg (portable)


EMK-X03 样品.jpg

Chongqing ZiXu Machine Works

  • Phone: +86 136-08399394
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Location: Brazil
  • Main Products: marking machine
  • Total Employees:Less than 100 people
  • Year Established:2006
  • Export Markets:Domestic Market,North America,South America,Asia,Europe,Africa,Oceania
  • Total Annual Revenue:


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