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Manufacturers of automotive engine laser marking machine, laser engraving machine auto parts wholesale

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Introduction to optical fiber laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is the use of laser beam on a variety of material surface print permanent marks.

The effect of laser marking machine is mainly:

1, the surface of the target material is evaporated by laser light and the material is deep;

2. The chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by laser light energy " "

3, through the laser light energy to burn off some of the material, so as to show the required etching pattern, text.

Fiber laser hit marking machine is mainly composed of a fiber laser, galvanometer (header), a field lens, a software control board, an industrial control computer, chassis, the workpiece level bench.

Working principle of fiber laser marking machine

A fiber laser is used to generate a laser with a fiber laser and then matched with an optical high speed scanning mirror. The core part is a fiber laser.

Fiber laser is used as the gain medium with rare earth elements. Due to fiber laser fiber core is fine, in under the action of the pump light fiber easily formed high power density, caused by laser laser energy "inversion". Therefore, when the positive feedback loop is added to form a resonant cavity, the laser oscillation can be formed. In addition, because the optical fiber matrix has a very broad spectrum, therefore, fiber laser is generally made of tunable (both wavelength in a certain range can be adjusted), in the marking time can be labeled with several colors (corresponding material).

The W, &gt, h, ;


1.YLP-ZX series fiber laser marking machine uses fiber laser, life can reach 100000 hours, the performance of the world's top ranked by the top.

High beam quality, for the basis of the (TEM00) output, focusing on the spot diameter less than 20um. The divergence angle is the 1/4 of a semiconductor pumped laser. Single line is more thin, especially suitable for fine, precision marking.

2 small size, power consumption is small, the overall power consumption is less than 500W; the built-in air-cooled cooling mode, abandoned the heavy water cooling unit, the area is smaller, the installation is more convenient, truly energy-saving and portable.

3 electro optical conversion efficiency is high, simple and easy to use, without the need to adjust or maintenance, compact structure, high system integration, low failure.

4 no need to carry out any maintenance, long service life, suitable for harsh environment.

5 processing speed is fast, is the traditional marking machine 2-3 times, optical scanning mirror, laser repetition frequency is high, high speed without distortion.

6. Fiber lasers are equipped with the optical isolator, effectively shield the reflected light, can operate in gold, silver, copper, aluminum, silicon, and so on to highlight the surface with high reflectivity material, do not need to deviate from the center of the mirror field, greatly broaden the application areas. And for different metals, it can be adjusted by frequency and energy.

7. Marking software, powerful, compatible with CorelDRAW, AutoCAD and other software files; support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, can be used directly SHX, TTF font; support automatic coding, printing serial number, batch number, date, bar code, two-dimensional code, automatically jump numbers, USB output control.

Laser System.jpg

Chongqing ZiXu Machine Works

  • Phone: +86 136-08399394
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Location: Brazil
  • Main Products: marking machine
  • Total Employees:Less than 100 people
  • Year Established:2006
  • Export Markets:Domestic Market,North America,South America,Asia,Europe,Africa,Oceania
  • Total Annual Revenue:


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