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In the summer, the new elastic waist 7 jeans

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From China
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  • These short style lady With jeans you will definitely be the most charming one

  • Elastic designer jeans become The more and more popular among fashion ladies

  • Denim lady jeans will These make you a comfortable feeling to wear

  • Short style lady These jeans are especially designed for pretty ladies to wear in public

  • Elastic designer jeans These are produced with nice and distinctive patterns to wear in summer

  • Size fits most people Free

  • Material: Denim

  • Color: Blue

In Detail: Size

ClothTypeSizeLengthHipDepth CrotchWaist
/2580Thirty-one point two zero41Fifteen point nine nine20Seven point eight zero29Eleven point three one


  • Dimensions are for reference only specific dimension varies These from person to person

To Measure: How


  • Elastic designer jeans These are full of appealing looking for ladies to wear in hot weather

  • Denim lady jeans These fit for a graceful lady to wear in summer

  • For these short As style lady jeans the nice pattern is appealing to stylish women

To Wash: How

Jeans are very popular trousers blue jeans, which are primarily made from cotton denim fabric, are part of most wardrobes. Denim fabric was first. In Nimes, France, and was introduced to the USA by Christopher Columbus. According to & quot; a dictionary of textile terms, & quot; this soft cloth was & quot; first brought to America by Columbus as the sails on the Santa Maria." the fabric, which was referred as denim de Nimes, as well as Serge de Nimes, was generally used for heavier weight items, and later was introduced into the fashion industry.

& bull; Sort laundry l putting all the jeans in one pile. Put any new jeans or work jeans that could have excess dirt or oil on them in a separate pile to be washed alone

& bull; l wash new jeans, especially darker ones, when the first few washes. the color can bleed at first and stain your other clothes. Turn darker-wash jeans inside out before washing them to help preserve the color

& bull; Check settings appropriate the for water level and temperature. Jeans do well with cold or warm water. You can wash them on hot L but you run the risk of shrinking them

& bull; Turn on the washer and add detergent to l the running water

& bull; Place your L jeans in the washer. Be careful to not overfill the machine there should enough space for the water and soap to thoroughly saturate and clean the jeans

& bull; l remove jeans from the washer once they' re finished and place them in the dryer. check the lint trap before starting, and set the middle temperature. If you' re worried about jeans shrinking, air-dry them

Included: Package

  • 1 Pair X of Jeans


  • Phone: +86 852-64571239
  • Business Type:
  • Location: China
  • Main Products: shirts ,jeans ,hoodies
  • Total Employees:
  • Year Established:
  • Export Markets:Domestic Market,North America,South America,Asia,Europe,Africa,Oceania
  • Total Annual Revenue: