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Fan Dual Charging Dock for PS4 Console Controller

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Product Name: PS4 Fan Dual Charging Dock                                 Document NO: 20150314001

ITEM NO:TP4-805                                                                      Version: A/0




This is an electronic product that not only reduce working temperature of the PS4 console but also can be charging the controller. At the same time, it can be used as a PS4 console stand.It can effectively reduce temperature of the PS4 console, improve function of the console, reduce power loss. The switch of product has two gears to adjust air speed.The OFF gears is used for turn off the fan. The L gears is used for cooling the console with low wind speed. The H gears is used for cooling the console with high wind speed. It can be effectively accelerate the console ventilating, prevent the high temperature of console, reducing power loss and extend the life of the console.There are two charging docks to charging for PS4 original controller, plug to charge.The method of product same as charging dock of the PS4 original controller. It can be effectively extending the life of the controller battery. The product make the two PS4 controller and PS4 console put together, avoiding you forgot the controller somewhere and  make your game space more methodically.


1.The product air-vent of console base is rectangle, so it used two high speed cooling fan blowing-in to air-vent of PS4 console for accelerate inside of the console ventilating and cooling.

2. The product charging through USB interface on the PS4 console.

3. The product have L gear and H gear fan speed to switching.

4. The product can charging two PS4 controllers at the same time.

5. The product adopt of the antiskid silicone paste on both sides, to prevent the PS4 console scratching and slip.

. Specifications

1.Power Supply: USB5V (Directly through the USB cable connected with the console)

2. Product Current:

The fan L gear current: 200MA,

H gear current: 260MA (when the PS4 controller no charging);

The maximum charging current of a PS4 controller is above 800MA, when the controller in charging. The maximum charging current of a PS4 controller is above 400MA, when there are two controllers in charging. (The fan not turn on)

3. Maximum speed of the fan: 6000&plusmn;10%PRM, Maximum volume of air: 12.6 CFM.

4.Charging time: 2.5-3H(Two controllers in charging at the same time)

5.Size: 200x177x57mm

6. Material: ABS

7.USB cable length: 30CM

. Description

1. Put the fan base on an ventilated platform, then put  PS4 console placed on the fan base vertically.(we should put the PS4 console and the Micro-USB interface in the fan base on the same side). As shown in right figure.

2. Pluging the USB cable into the console's USB port and Micro-USB's port for the fan base, that it is to power for the fan base. Then you can move switch to adjust the wind speed and control the working state of fan.

3. We can move switch to adjust the wind speed of fan, in order to change the air volume. In different temperatures, you can adopt different air volume to achieve energy saving. When you adjust the wind speed to L gear, the fan working with low wind speed. When you adjust the wind speed to H gear , the fan working with high wind speed.

4. We can charging to PS4 controller through two charging plug on the fan base.

a,When the PS4 controller is disconnected the PS4 console and the PS4 controller is charging, the orange indicator of the controller is flash. The controller turns off and the indicator light yellow when it is fully charged.

b, When the PS4 controller is connected the PS4 console, the blue indicator of the controller light steadily, You need to hold the PS button to look whether in charge. The TV screen appear on the controller battery symbol on the bottom right corner. You can look the power indicates of battery symbol whether change.The power indicates do not move when it is fully charged.

5.The PS4 controller through rechargeable battery to gets power and the power indicator will light red and green transformation during charging.

6. The rechargeable battery have protective effect, and it will be charging when the power is lower than a certain value:

a.For example:The controller will stop charge if the power above 70%. If you charging it in the full power case, that will caused reduce the life of battery. Assuming the battery power is only 20%, and you plug the controller into the charging base to start charging. When charging 2-3 hours,the battery power reached 80% and the orange indicator is flash. It will not continue to charge if you take out the controller and you plug again. Because of the power is too enough, the indicator light will be light yollow and turn off. Of course, If the controller continued charging, it will turns off when it is fully charged.

7.When you incautiously let the USB cable fall down and plug, then the product will stop charge if the power above 70%. In this case, the use time of controller is short than naturally fully charged.


1. Please put the product in the platform and ventilated place.

2. Please use the product with USB cable.

3. Do not block any surface ventilation grate of the product when you are using, because it is for ventilating and cooling.

4. Do not take anything from the heat dissipation hole into (especially metal devices), that will make a short circuit in the fan base, thereby causing damage to the product.

Keep the cooling hole of the product away from all things(especially the metal), because that will be caused the base of fan short circuit and damaged the product.

5. Please use dry cloth to wipe the product, do not wipe it with a chemical reagent.Because the chemical reagent will into the cooling hole of the product caused the product short circuit.

6.Do not connect the product with the PS4 console, when you are cleaning it.

7. Please put the product each port connected peripherals as well as each input plug, when you a long-term not use the product.

8. Prohibit storage or use of the product in wet or high temperature environments.

9. If the product is damaged or wet, please stop using it and send it to professionals for repairing rather than disassemble it on your own.

10. Do not let children play this product.

Package Included:

1 x Fan Dual Charging Dock for PS4 Console Controller
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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