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Electric engraving pen micro engraving pen pen brand high-quality electric carving engraving pen lettering pen

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US $200.00
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US $150.00
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From China
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US $200.00 (not including shipping cost)

WE242 is a lightweight, precision, high torque, high flexibility and easy to use products, can be used for carving, grinding, cutting, polishing, drilling and similar to do.

Related parameters:

  1. 1 input power: 50/60Hz AC110-220V

  2. 2 output power: DC12V, 1A

  3. 3 speed: adjustable speed range: 3000-23000RPM

  4. 4 torque: 34g.cm

  5. 5 clip size: 3/32 ''

  6. 6 appearance size: 26mm (diameter) X150mm (long)

Chuck mounting and dismounting method:

Make sure that the product is off and off the power supply. Press the front sleeve control button and unscrew the right sleeve, open to the appropriate size into the choice of the chuck, and adjust the height and to the left screw, unclip sleeve control button.

Equipment connection:

Align the end of the product with the head of the electrode inserted into the adapter, make sure that the adapter is plugged in 220 or 240.

Using method:

  1. 1 ordinary pen pen hold grip like;

  2. 2 will be the product of the tail of the toggle switch to the ON state, indicating the area in the orange line adjustment speed;

  3. 3 light force to touch to touch to the workpiece, in the engraving head and work after contact with a little force, you can carry out carving, polishing, polishing, etc.. Please make sure that your fingers are far from the high speed rotating cutter head.

  4. 4 low speed is suitable for polishing, polishing and grinding, high speed is suitable for carving, cutting, drilling, etc.. Hard wood, metal and glass usually require high speed operation.


Two, principle:

Print needle high frequency vibration, so as to draw a certain depth of the marks on the workpiece, due to the high frequency of 300 times / second, so the eye to see the logo is very smooth.

Three, the main technical parameters:

Power supply voltage: AC220/50HZ output current: 0.01--0.5A

Output power: 24W. Depth: 0.1--0.5 (as written materials)

Electric moment written: Dimension Phi 3mm hard alloy: 150 x 65 x 40mm

Net weight: 250g packing weight: 300g

Four, identification characteristics:

Any permanent pattern

There is a large concave depth, the deepest up to 1mm (effect similar to the pneumatic marking machine)

Handheld operation, simple and easy to use, low cost

5 file stroke size adjustment (stroke decision to play the standard)

Five, typical applications:

Measuring tool, mould, auto parts, nameplate number mark; the signature of his craft

Six, using method:

1, connected to the power, the right hand holding a pen;

2, just like pen posture, slightly tilted at an angle (45 degree angle), and put on the table, finger hold the microswitch can be carved, release to stop writing. Don't write down hard, writing speed is slower than usual.

3, engraved pen upper a knob to adjust the speed of inscribing, through repeated carving master its performance to meet your desired material. The font size and depth requirements.

4, engraved pen factory equipped with hard alloy carved head, it can meet the glass, metal, ceramics and other hard materials inscribing, however, for the edge of the industrialization continued carving is need the special diamond carved head.

The 5 moment, head wear, unscrew the screw handling knob, re engraved on the head.

Seven, note:

1, because the electric pen is not directly external heat, so the heat dissipation is relatively slow, the general summer and the continuous work should not exceed two hours, the winter continuous work should not exceed three hours.

2, the body heat, to be cooled and then used, so as not to damage the internal coil.

3, please keep this equipment away from children, to avoid accidents.

4, for safe use, please check whether there is leakage phenomenon.

Eight, after sales service:

This machine one year warranty, life-long maintenance.

Chongqing ZiXu Machine Works

  • Phone: +86 136-08399394
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Location: Brazil
  • Main Products: marking machine
  • Total Employees:Less than 100 people
  • Year Established:2006
  • Export Markets:Domestic Market,North America,South America,Asia,Europe,Africa,Oceania
  • Total Annual Revenue:


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