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Bamboo fiber and colorful glass

EXW Price: 
US $0.88
2000 - 2999Pieces
US $0.87
3000 - 3999Pieces
US $0.86
4000 + Pieces
< >
- + Pieces
From China
US $-.-- / shipping cost needed to be confirmed by seller
US $1,760.00 (not including shipping cost)

*3D green environmental protection

Reduce the production of carbon footprint, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, carefully protect the living environment of mankind.

* biological degradation

The possibility of biodegradation of pollutants to microorganisms.

* cut down trees

From the renewable resources, in particular, the research and utilization of plants, will not cut down the perennial woody plants.


Bamboo powder is widely used, is a new type of energy saving and environmental protection materials, add a touch of green to people's life.

* contact with food safety

Non-toxic, harmless, to human health does not cause any acute, subacute and chronic hazards.

*-30 to 120

Temperature limit control at -30 to 120 degrees Celsius will not cause harm to the human body.

* prevent bacteria

Product surface has a food grade protective film, you can prevent the invasion of bacteria, adding a protective system.

* wear and durability

Compared with the replacement, wear-resistant and durable, not easy to bad.

Anhui Ecotech Co.,Ltd

  • Phone: +86 0564-5108456-5227191
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Location: China
  • Main Products: tableware,home supplies,flower pot,pet bowls and handcrafts etc,
  • Total Employees:Less than 100 people
  • Year Established:2007
  • Export Markets:Europe,Oceania
  • Total Annual Revenue:80million