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OSell Easy Cross-border Dropshipping(OED)

OSell-The supply chain on the desktop
Dropshipping means you do not warehouse stock yourself, but instead transfer customer orders and shipment details to OSell, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

The General Version of Dropshipping provides you thousands of products including hot categories, such as: Clothing, Electronics, Cell phones, Computers, Sporting Goods, Home and Gardens, Jewelry and Watches etc. It helps you to access xx products, and you can easily export them to your online store or website with the Integration Service. Take a free trail now.

Featured Service of OSell Dropshipping
  • Access 300,000 Chinese products easily

  • Automatically product data inventory exporting

  • Real-time order routing and quality controlling

  • All-in-one sales consultant service

  • Customized package service

Strengths of OSell Dropshipping
Free Registration
Free management
Delivery to your customers with your name directly
Payment after the order from your customer
Your customer will never get the existence of OSell
New products added monthly
Quality control
Customized package
Tracking information for each order
Professional procedure for returns,refund and so on
OSell Dropshipping (OED) is a Cross-border Dropshipping,which service all over the world.
Frequently Asked Questions