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ELEPHONE Communication Technology Co., Ltd.  

  • China
  • Mobile phone、Tablet PC


By the end of 2013, Shenzhen elephant Communication Technology Co., Ltd. in Electronics Asia are: Shenzhen, China formally established, early 2015 company registered in HK ELEPHONE Communication Tech Co., Ltd and the formation of the Elephone brand division, positioning in mobile communications product design, sales and service in one, through cross-border platform for Chinese high quality products more service overseas users.
Establish initial, Elephone that is aimed at the cross-border electricity suppliers have a huge development prospects of the platform, Elephone product definition, brand tone are built around the cross-border electronic business platform.

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Tel: +86 0755-83243246
Fax: +86 0755-83512185
Location: China
Address: Jinhe Building 4F,Xinhe street 8th,Bantian street,Longgang District, Shenzhen

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