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Sandol Brands @ Bethel International, Inc.  

  • China
  • Handbags, bags, wallets, scarf, alloy jewelry


We are the Biggest supplier of ladies fashion handbags and jewelry in the Southeastern United States. Our inventory consists of over 30,000 products including handbags, apparel, jewelry, figurines, small furniture, and accessories. Sandol has made a commitment of supporting and standing by more than 14,000 customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Africa and China. 

Our goal remains the same, to be the best in the market. 
Our commitment remains strong, "We Stand by Your Business"..

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Contact Details

Nancy Huang


Tel: +86 020-62824911
Fax: +86
Email: nancy@esandol.com
Location: China
Address: 15th, Erheng Road, Nanling 6TH industry zone, Chang hong, Jun he street, Bai yun district, Guangzhou ,China.

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Nancy Huang / nancy@esandol.com

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