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Zhongshihua Beijing Valves CO.,LTD  

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Zhongshihua Beijing Valves CO.,LTD as a well-known industrial valve manufacturer and provider of engineering services, has been working on valve industry, scientific research and technology updates, to produce with the quality of industrial valves as its mission, its quality and continuous innovation has been recognized within the industry major end users and engineering firms. The company is meticulous in all production processes, even with extremely harsh testing means to ensure product accuracy and parts of the interchange. To prolong the service life of the valve, the valve sealing surface of imports of surfacing stellite alloy and hard faced, and effectively protect all kinds of valve sealing performance is guaranteed.
Established in 1995, Zhongshihua Beijing Valves CO.,LTD, we from the scientific research, design, production, sales and after-sales service and a series of processes are accord with the world's most advanced the most strict quality certification system. Company has obtained ISO9001-2000 certification, China Petroleum Network member, member of the national power grid and the people's Republic of China National Quality Supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued by the pressure pipe and special equipment manufacturing license, the product is widely for sentinel manufacturing suppliers, such as China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum Sales Corporation, China Chemical Equipment Corporation, State Power Corporation supplies Bureau, China Water Conservancy and electric power material Co., Ltd., North China electric power administration, Guohua Power China energy fuel materials limited liability company single bit level supplier absorption of domestic and foreign enterprises.

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Anchor. Hong

General Manager

Tel: +86 010-64502008
Fax: +86 010-64502005
Location: China
Address: NO.4 Tianzhu Street, Tianzhu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing, China

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