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Chongqing Wansui Machinery Company, Ltd.  

  • China
  • grain dryer、Rice hulling machine


Chongqing Wansui Machinery Company Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise taking “Creating Green Earth” as our mission. The company established since 2003, dedicated to the developing and application of agricultural machines, drying equipment and new energy. We produce all kinds of drying equipment for agricultural machines and energy-saving products. Our company owns the advanced technology to develop drying equipment for agricultural machines and the manufacturing technique for bio-energy products. We hold a lot
of related patents as well. And in particular, we’ve in-depth research and analysis towards rape seeds drying, kaoliang drying and fresh fruit and vegetable drying. We’ve leading technological advantages in those fields in China. Our drying and moisture reduction capability is five times better than similar products. Our main products include Grain Drying Machine, Fruit& Vegetable Drying Machine, Hulling Rice Mille, Grinding Machine and jordan mill etc.

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Contact Details

Tel: +86 023-62800315
Fax: +86 023-62808783
Location: China
Address: No. 27 Jiangnan Avenue, Nan'an District, Chongqing

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