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Foshan Nanhai Keri Electronic Co.,Ltd.  

  • China
  • Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser


Being fascinated by the application potential of Ultrasonic atomizing, Ultransmit has been devoted in this only principal area of expertise from the outset since 2001.

We are proud of our wealth of products and expertise accumulated in past 14 years, and we take it our great pleasure to invite you harness our wealth.

Value Creation Chain Advantage
Rely on our entire value creation chain that cover all the core components and process
- It means best quality control. What better way to control the quality than to make them yourself?
- Complete in-house capability respond quickly and precisely to all the problem you may meet

Quality and Risk Control Intelligence
- Minimize potential risk at the source by adopt the very canny product development solution
- Engage with capable and ethical suppliers by annual ethical and manufacturing audit
- Ensure compliance with specifications and safety standards by product inspections and lab testing
- Access over 1,000 off-the-shelf checklists of the product and methodologies improvement

Custom Design Expertise
The ID is perhaps the only important decision you need to make, all the rest work is left to us
- Your design can be complicated, while Ultransmit R&D will make all the rest easy
- All free technical solution and also consultant satisfying your Intellectual curiosity
- Flexible tooling cost plans from free to limited fitting to your budget and target benefit

Trust and Share Stories
- Like-minded suppliers support us with best rate to offer affordable superior products
- Importers from 50 Countries trust Ultransmit with our product and service
- Annually over 1 million families choose Ultransmit as wellness facility and gift to friends

Your inviatation to Ultransmit
Learn all about Ultransmit: The superior ultrasonic aroma diffuser manufacturer

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Tel: +86 0757-86368518
Fax: +86 0757-86368515
Email: export@ultransmit.cc
Location: China
Address: 13 Keyun North Road, B Zone, Shishan Science Park, Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

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邓定华 / export@ultransmit.cc