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Sincere-Home Home Appliance Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  

  • China
  • Garment Steamer,Handheld Steamer,Steam Mop


The name SALAV is inspired by the Seine River, meaning “That’s life!” in French
Enjoying a free and elegant life is the ideal of every one. The founder of SALAV inspired by the age-old French design conception featuring fashion and vogue,forged this brand to advocate a “free and elegant”concept of life,and incorporated such a concept in his products, and introducing home appliance and its life attitude into thousands of families around globe.
SALAV brings high quality and user friendly product and service to its global customer and listed as the innovator and leader in the global home appliance industry.
Brand conception:Steam change your life~
SALAV & Sincere-Home:SALAV,a self-owned brand of Sincere-home,relying on Sincere-home advanced production techniques and experience staff,is now growing to be a top world appliance brand.

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Tel: +86 0757-2361-7132
Fax: +86 0757-2361-7155
Email: Emily@sincere-home.com
Location: China
Address: No.1,road 2,Huatian West,Shunde High-Tech Industry Development Zone,Ronggui,Foshan,Guangdong Province,P.R. China

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