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Quanzhou Licheng YunLi Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.  

  • China
  • Advertising fence, new regulations escalator products, anti-climbing, careful meet, middle baffles, non-slip, brush, five-party talk radio, anti-reverse, elevator warning fence and other products


Quanzhou Licheng Yun Li Protective Equipment is a professional manufacturer of products such as the Escalator Skirt Safety Brush, Escalator Anti Slide Blocks, Escalator Head Guard Sign, Escalator Handrail Guide Box Shield, Parallel Escalator Central Barrier, Escalator Anti Climbing Device, Escalator Installation Gap Barrier, Escalator Enclosure Advertising Fence and other products

With ever expanding shopping outlets, and ever increasing development of the city, escalators are now part of our everyday lives. However there is still a lack of warning signs and safety increasing technology. Taking an escalator has become such an everyday part of life that we often now take safety for granted and often people will talk, play on their phones or let children play on escalators without taking the appropriate precautions.

Yun Li Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 2005 was formed after a number of escalator related casualties occurred . After more than 10 years of personal attention and professional development focused on escalators and moving walkways safety we have created a number of products and tested them thoroughly throughout locations such as airports and shopping centres.
We now have eight patents, 24 national awards for high level science and technology, international ISO quality certification, and were rated as an excellent company by Protective Defense Channel.

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Tel: +86 4000-221285
Fax: +86
Email: ylfhsb@163.com
Location: China
Address: 633 Electrical and Mechanical Building, Quanzhou, Fujian Licheng District, Gate Street layer

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