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Guangzhou jue clothing co., LTD  

  • China
  • Suitable for running, fitness, yoga and ball sports tights


Fei, sports equipment brand - professional function. From the brand was founded, van, adhering to the "GO" EXCELLENT beyond spirit and focus on the production of professional tights. In the research and development, design, production, etc will be highly integration, professional technology and the spirit of sports for sports to provide more professional equipment, and help them improve athletic performance. Fan, every year to launch for running, fitness, yoga and ball sports tights hundreds, far above the rest of the brand, is one of the global function sports equipment brands.
Fan, to "GO EXCELLENT" for the spirit, the pursuit of time beyond, treat every product, every detail never will; Fabric with the industry recognized first-class technology with leading-edge, production equipment using the world's premium brands. Fei, believe that only in places where each can do our utmost to, is likely to make a world-class products, so we choose to stick to the spirit of craftsmen. At the same time, we believe that we can do better tomorrow, only by constantly beyond, we will be better, just like we expect users to performance in the gym, continuously surpass.
If you have to let the goodness of activists "continuously strengthen" vision, welcome to join us. Let us together hand in hand, a strong resources integration advantages, jointly create a new win-win situation.
The ideal partner (or at least have one) in which of the following conditions:
Can invest 100% sports career
, with independent retail wholesale channels or area of the company
, the individual owner (either online, entity or small shop)
Sports world network reds, have certain popularity
Sports coaches, fitness, yoga teacher, founder of the gym

Contact Details

Peter Ko

Tel: +86 159-89035-233
Fax: +86
Email: peterko@vansydical.com
Location: China
Address: No.232, Waihuandong Lu (Outer Ring East Road), Higher Education Mega Center (HEMC),Panyu District, Guangzhou,Guangdong, PR China

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