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Zhejiang Bao Jia Network Technology Co., Ltd.  

  • China
  • Electric heating towel rack


Zhejiang, one of the electrical appliance Polytron Technologies Inc innovative team is committed to the research and development of hair products has been 10-20 years (the company established the Ningbo company has 10 years), are senior industry R & D and operational experts. Eddy current type of company's original super mute hair dryer series products, market development and application in full compliance with the trend of the development of small household electrical appliances industry in China; at the same time, the new type of turbine type ultra quiet air blower is hair dryer the ideal industrial upgrading of products, not only can be used for dry hair and the whole shape, can be used as a laboratory, physical therapy room and industrial production, art etc. for partial drying, heating and physical therapy with. Has the characteristics of energy saving, silent, no injury, light, novel appearance, environmental protection and other features, advanced technology in the domestic leading position. Products have been applied for the invention patent.

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Tel: +86 021-36120822
Fax: +86
Location: China
Address: Room918,No.2449,Gonghexin Rd,Shanghai

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