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Guangdong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.  

  • China
  • rice cooker 、Automatic cookers


In 2002, Chinese showed a trend of manufacturing. There were four young technical backbone of the beginning of the heart in both film and television culture origin and home appliances clusters area advantage in Zhongshan, Guangdong, began to set out to start their own businesses. The same year, Ilett was born. When four young Ilett founder set to build to upgrade Chinese manufacturing ambition to China wisdom, ten years later did not expect, Ilett will become a leader in the field of production of electric cooker.
2002 year, Iraq Wright factory workshop started, first made of intelligent electric cooker a through into the city, in the industry gathered in Sun Yat Sen started the name. To focus on the development, this is a long way to go. Soon, OEM orders full, factories are expanding. Support the strategic judgment and production technology of Elettra ahead of time, promote the popularization of intelligent electric cooker in the market, contribute to the China market manufacturing and consumption upgrade. Good quality products and the overall solution for the recognition and praise.
In the global market, intelligent technology Ilett relying on the upgrade, on the world stage show Chinese made of grace. Across the oceans into Europe and the United States not only Ilett products, is Chinese artisan spirit embodied in the world.
Ten years as a dream, Ilett from scratch, and gradually become has the influence of electric rice cooker production enterprises, the butterfly. While the original mind of the four founders of the agitation, also spelled as life youth, gradually into the fruits of the middle-aged.
In the eyes of outsiders, all this has been very perfect. Only four founders know that they have a heart knot unsolved. 13 years, the long gestation of the Wright, finally decided to turn around, to the Chinese market to launch its own independent brand. So far, Ilett waiting for a long time, the energy, in the aesthetic and functional requirements of the localization of the Chinese market again full release.
The intelligent mobile Internet era of comprehensive upgrading and innovation has become the theme of health materials, Ilett brand electric cooker. In response to the needs of the times again Ilett, in the independent brand on the road to play more, play more high. In 2013, Ilett released ceramic liner energy clay pot rice cooker, the pot boiling process of fire and the two major factors for the original ecological demand upgrade.
In 2014, Ilett released WiFi intelligent electric cooker, mobile Internet and intelligent electric cooker clever collocation, provide a new way for the young people of cooking in the kitchen 80/90.
By 2015, Ilett released intelligent cooking machine, automatic cooking, hands free, as the young mother provide enjoyable cooking experience. Relying on smart products in differentiated, Ilett turned gorgeous, become a friendly partner family kitchen. When carrying the founder of early heart brand dream, also already shines into reality, and towards the existing road far away.

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Fax: +86
Email: http://www.enaiter.com/
Location: China
Address: Guangdong city of Zhongshan Province East Dongfeng Town Road five Yongyi industrial district

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