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Guangdong branch Rong Electrical Co., Ltd.  

  • China
  • Electric oven


Guangdong Branch Rong Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of home appliances products, professional manufacturers, company is located is known as "the kingdom of household electrical appliances," said the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta -- Shunde Ronggui District, the company is set research, design, development and production of high-grade disinfection cabinet, hood, burning gas stove, induction cooker, electric pressure cooker and so on series products of private joint-stock enterprises.
Company's existing staff of more than 800 people, plant area of more than 30000 square meters, fixed assets of 50 million, 80 million units of annual production capacity of disinfection cupboard, hood 50 million units, induction cooker 60 million units, electric pressure cooker 50 million units, electric oven 40 million units is one of the world production base for disinfection cabinets. Company has strong technical strength, with a number of high-quality research and technical personnel, which has a large secondary school education, the number of senior engineers accounted for 35% of the total number of employees. Disinfection cabinet products, a total of more than 100 kinds of styles, more than 300 kinds of specifications models, style fashion, everything, the products sell well in China, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries. There are 20 types of hood series, covering the European style, deep suction, single pump type, dual pump type etc.. Microcomputer intelligent electromagnetic oven with the generous and elegant style, safety, energy saving, convenient and environmentally friendly four advantages to win the vast number of consumers Pro gaze, now branch Rong product market possession rate, quality reputation etc. are among the forefront of the industry.
Branch wing company adhering to the "down-to-earth, innovation" the spirit of hard struggle, to the ISO9001 international quality management system for the production of guidelines, promote environmental health concepts, adhere to the principle of independent innovation products, implementation of a high starting point, high input, high-quality development strategy, to fashion, personalized and delicate as the goal, set up product design center, the first in the industry to launch a embedded high-temperature cabinet and towel disinfection cabinet. The styles and techniques in the entire industry in a top-notch status. Now the company basically has two new products come out every month, and has access to health permits and disinfection cabinet CQC certification in Guangdong province. Company's development so far, more than 60 technology patents, and in the national relevant departments of the sampling passed.
Branch wing company has a complete marketing network system, the implementation of strict regional agent system, the sales network throughout the 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, 98 years has been established to maintain annual sales of 25-30% growth rate, this year will be more than 100%, in countrywide congener product sales has entered the top three industries, products have been in short supply.
Branch Rong adhere to the "meticulous service, customer satisfaction," the purpose, establish and improve the professional after-sales service team, after-sales service network spread all over more than 300 locations across the country, the distribution points have been set up special maintenance department, set up after-sales service line and is equipped with a full-time staff, explicitly stipulated that the science wing series products the whole year warranty, the warranty period don't accept any fee, and provide life-long technical consulting and maintenance services. At the same time the headquarters also ad hoc service supervision hotline, regular training for after-sales personnel, strict examination and punishment, the need to install (maintenance) users, to ensure that the installation of a (maintenance) satisfaction rate of 100%.
Looking back on the past, we are full of pride, looking forward to the future, we are confident that a hundred times. In the long journey of the new century, science wing will continue to follow the path of specialization, large-scale, personalized, and the vast majority of the industry together and constantly strive for excellence, to create a perfect example, fully committed to the field of home appliances to expand deep, dedication to the vast number of consumers with better and more high-quality products, consumers return to science Rong electrical love, for people to create more beautiful life and make unremitting efforts.

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Tel: +86 0757-26380781
Fax: +86 0757-28383929
Email: tony.zhu@kerong.com
Location: China
Address: Two horizontal road, District, Shunde District, Ronggui City, Foshan District

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