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Shenzhen Jingdouyun Science and Technology Co., Ltd  

  • China
  • self-balancing unicycle


Shenzhen, Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in the bucket cloud in 2014, formerly known as "formosa electronic", mainly a combination of various battery supporting the program production and processing enterprises; with domestic and foreign leading battery technology engineering, application support platform, advanced primary and secondary batteries full performance test systems and electrical and electronic products parametric test system, the carbon electricity, base power, lithium manganese, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lead acid, lithium ion battery platform for industrial users electrical appliances provide the most cost-effective battery support programs, battery protection board and controllers, LED and other core technologies have complete control!
With the continuous development of society, the accelerated pace of life, traffic jams, car exhaust and other air pollution, has seriously affected our health! More groups have gradually improved environmental awareness, reduce air pollution, green travel is the key! Through the tireless efforts of the past year, a professional R & D team, the company successfully developed a variety of new green, fashion trends travel artifact "Segways, self-balanced car, wheelbarrow, wheeled vehicles, electric scooters, which have again The third brand "Beijing bucket cloud self-balancing vehicle," and passed the CE \ FCC \ ROHO \ inspection reports, etc. Our products are constantly influx of Europe, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries ; we are trying to create a new way of life, providing the public with more reliable, gorgeous, lightweight travel tool, players look forward to your joining pole You have the support, we will be the most secure products, the best quality! Services rendered to you!
Beijing recreational sport bucket cloud means of transport, can be sold whole, nesting, accessories (lithium batteries, LED outdoor lighting and other auxiliary equipment), can be customized according to customer demand, welcome customers to order!
Advantage Highlights: National Free Join in cooperative agents, distributors, franchisees can grant "gold, silver, copper" plaque; The company has the most professional marketing team and the "super player" professional driving skills training; may be given as appropriate professional marketing guidance, market planning, sales of the elite field to help expand the local market, "super player" one of the professional driving skills training, etc; more most authoritative service, protect your interests!

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Tel: +86 0755-33097810
Fax: +86
Email: liying520888@163.com
Location: China
Address: Gaode digital plaza 3c666b,huafa north road no.1, huaqiangbei,futian district

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