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Fujian Quanzhou SIGOLED Lighting Technology Co.,LTD  

  • China
  • SMD LEDS, LED Downlight, T8 TUBE, LED Light Tube, LED Floodlight, LED Street light, LED high bay light, LED BULB, LED MR16 Spotlight, LED ring light, LED shop lighter, sewing machine light


In 2009 SIGOLED was set up by Led Master and teacher Jacky Lynn
In 2013 We bought two one local led factories
SIGOLED, become stronger and stronger to support you

1) LED is new and unmature technology. Our R&D Team leader is
LED teacher in university
Guilding 4-5 graduate students each year , study the latest LED technology
Founder of LED ENGINEER group with over 10,000 members

2) Thoughtful and long-sighted marketing plan ,which make our products popular and competitive

3) Responsible and quick service, many customers like our strong communication skill

4) Partner cooperation- not only buy or sell, we would like to build partner cooperation with our customers, we would like to support few partner in one region or country.

Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18606051030
Skype:sigo.led Email:sigoled@hotmail.com

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Tel: +86 0595-68997709
Fax: +86 0595-68997708
Email: sigoledlight@foxmail.com
Location: China
Address: Innovation bldg, Optoelectronic Information Industrial Base, Xiamei Town, Nanan City, Fujian ,China 362302

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