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SHANGHAI QUANTONG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD was regestered in FTA,Wai Gao Qiao,Shanghai,China.The capital funds is ten millions yuan. We mainly engage in processing and import_export trade and international logistics business.Our business operations accept strict regulations and supervisions from FTA and relevant govenment departments.
Our main imported&exported operations are done through platforms of cross-border e-commerce,including B2B、B2C.
Import business:mainly supply goods for both infants and young children and mothers ,including milk powder、shoes&clothes、toys、robots,etc.
Export business mainly engaged in own-brand products: EDEN coffins、EDEND urns;YY high-end leather goods、YY hand embroidery crafts and erotic lingeries、sex toys、robots and so on.
We open a branch in USA, that is responsible for overseas purchases and direct supply of imported goods and export goods overseas market promotion、exhibitions、sales and customer service,QUANTONG(shanghai office) is mainly responsible for promoting imported goods in the chinese market、exhibitions、sales and customer service,producing products and purchase and direcl supply exported goods for overseas markets.and so on.
We will set uo advanced technical personnel at home and abroad,that is responsible for the development of international logistics severice platform for movable terminals and to provide comprehensive services, in the future logistics can be simple and easy to complete on movable terminals by touching.Then logistics can be liberated from complex and high cost of traditional logistics model.
Our purpose: continuous improvement and innovation to provide high quality、cost-effective products and services for customers, with our real hearts to win the trust and respect of customers around the world

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Tel: +86 021-50311802
Fax: +86 021-50782051
Email: yingyue1215@outlook.com
Location: China
Address: 1534B,No55 Xili Road,Pilot Free-trade Zone, Shanghai china

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