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Chongqing Dezhiyi Trading Co., Ltd.  

  • China
  • Hardware building materials


Chongqing De Yi Trading Co., Ltd. from "China hardware" Chongqing Dazu dragon water, belonging to Chongqing City Heng Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd.. Founded in 2014, is a professional engaged in development and sales of hardware, electronic products, general machinery and equipment and accessories, rubber products, chemical raw materials and products, office equipment etc. as one of the major trading company.
Chongqing De Yi Trading Co., Ltd. integrated Western China Hardware mechanical and electrical manufacturing enterprises more than 100, over a 1000 kinds of products, comprehensive meet the needs of individual buyers at home and abroad batch purchase and customization, and combining with the Internet marketing platform "Water Dragon hardware purchase, development, production and sales are formed fusion of Internet marketing new pattern, build hardware base in China, has a long history of the Water Dragon hardware towards the country, into the world.
Hardware, the charm of cheap, only the dragon of water!

Contact Details


Vice General Manager

Tel: +86 023-85227900
Fax: +86
Location: China
Address: longdong community Longshui Town Dazu District Chongqing City

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