Wonderful Products
We supply the most fashionable and hot products selling on the market that allows you to win your competitors at the starting point by leading from the source!
Local best-selling products:
we analyze the most popular products from logistics tracking and also investigate the sales amount of each product from distribution center, after we get the accurate information of hottest products in specific area, we will contact factories to produce and delivery directly.
Local latest products:
we always pay attention to the latest design trends and pop elements, after the completion of factory production and quality control we will arrange delivery to the whole territory of Russia through our proprietary logistics channels, it takes only 15 days!
Local short-supply products:
Hot products usually are easy in short supply, all distributors and wholesalers are out of stock, but we have the priority right from factories, it allows us to get factory supply at the first time and solve your worry about products running out of stock.
Competitive Price
Our products are from manufacturers:
Our products are directlyfrom factories, without any middleman, so we can promise the most competitive price!
We have our own logistics channels:
with our own logistic company, we can enjoy the fast and low cost service, which provide us the
competitive logistic fee and save your purchase fund maximally!
Welcome for price comparing :
Customers can compare prices locally based on our prices.
Good Quality
Products from big manufacturers:
Our products are produced by famous and good reputation factories, which can provide quality guarantee!
Strict and top quality evaluation criteria:
we have our own professional and strict products quality evaluation criteria, which promises each product will be checked and gives customer qualified products!
Better Service
Localization Sales: You can find the nearest professional local sales representatives to your location.
Localization language: all of our services support local language.
Localization call center: local call center service for 24 hours.
Localization refund policy: 7 days unconditional refund once you return the goods to local warehouse.
Localization payment: such as qiwi yandex, webmoney rbk, credit card, paypal, western union and so on.
Success case
  • Александр Дмитриев (Russia)

    Oh, I can sell now. What an amazing business experience for me! The only thing what I do is to concentrate myself on sale, that means to get orders from final consumers as many as possible. My best partner, OSell, takes care of rest from source, pack to delivery. It saves my time and cost to maximum and results in monthly sales soaring to $100.000. With such successful cooperation, I would like to last business relations with OSell.
  • Артур Зиннатов (Russia)

    I do not have an online shop. I do not have shipping department.I do not have purchasing department. Who can help me? It is OSell. OSell created an online shopfront for me and integrated its product SKU database to my site by API automatically. My customers place orders on my site then the information will be forwarded to OSell directly. After that, OSell will procure and ship for me, which is really efficient and time-saving.
  • Caroline (America)

    I established cooperation with OSell in June 2013 and I benefited a lot far beyond my expectation. OSell helps me to start e-commerce with low capital and overhead easily by keeping me from complicated processes in SKU collection, procurement, packing, stock, delivery and after-sale. Without such cumbersome work, I can devote in advertisement, marketing and sales wholeheartedly. For my success, I would like to give many thanks to OSell account manager Elline, a nice lady. She lets me understand every road comes with bumps and rocks, but we can finally overcome if we trust each other and determine to the result what we are looking forward to.
  • Paul Deming (Canada)

    OSell is really a fantastic partner! Since cooperated with OSell one year ago, annoying problems on supply chain and logistics have been solved completely and my orders are increasing dramatically with full support from OSell.
  • Michael Taranto (Australia)

    I am an e-commerce merchant from Australia and I own several shopping websites. In the past, I almost gave up drop-shipping business because occurred troubles with those suppliers. However, this mad situation has been changed since meeting OSell half a year ago. I am pretty satisfied with their one to one consultant service and well-established drop shipping system. With OSell’s support, I believe that my business will be much stronger than ever before.
Dropshipping: OSell Industry Version offers professional and customized procurement service for category-focused buyers and traders..
Build my store: Osell can build a brand new e-commerce website with a domain name of your choice, loaded with our entire product .With our Create E-store Constructions plan, you will be able to customize your website, such as add your own company logo, and update the product prices, configure global store discounts et. All you need to get started is to advertise the website and make money online. We will process orders automatically for you and ship orders directly to your customers.
Buy direct from factories: Our products are directly from factories, without any middleman, so we can promise the most competitive price!
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